City of Alexandria Sued over Illegal Gun Ban Regulation

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc., in cooperation with Gun Owners Foundation, has filed suit against the City of Alexandria for an illegal Administrative Regulation that bans possession of firearms at City worksites. The Regulation is contrary to a Virginia state law that prohibits localities from restricting guns.

The complaint (Sentiger, et. al. vs. Lawson) was filed in the City of Alexandria Circuit Court on July 23rd. The suit is directed against an addendum to Administrative Regulation 7-21, dated January 25, 1995 and signed by City Manager, Vola Lawson. The regulation prohibits the "possession... of a deadly weapon, including all firearms... at City worksites and in City vehicles."

Fairfax County attempted to circumvent state law last year by passing a similar regulation. It was successfully overturned in Fairfax County Circuit Court in December of 1997 (Finnell, et. al. vs. O'Neill). GOF and VCDL are determined to ensure compliance in all local jurisdictions throughout the Commonwealth.

Leo Sentiger and three other Alexandria residents will serve as plaintiffs in the case. All hold valid Virginia concealed handgun permits.

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