This is the official transcript of Len Savage's testimony on June 19, 2007 in the Albert Kwan case. Kwan was charged with possession of an unregistered machine gun and possession of an unregistered short-barreled rifle. A jury acquitted Kwan of the machine gun charge, and found him guilty on the short-barreled rifle charge.

In his testimony Savage established himself as a firearms expert in Federal Court and showed that the BATFE needed to spend a significant amount of time and effort to modify Kwan's M14 semi-automatic rifle so that it would function as a fully-automatic firearm. He also debunked the BATFE's "once a machine gun always a machine gun" regulation and listed several instances where the Firearms Technology Branch had made mistakes in classifying firearms. Finally, Savage explained how the BATFE could prosecute most gun owners for possession of an unregistered machine gun: given enough time, tools, and parts, any semi-automatic firearm can be converted to a fully-automatic firearm.  

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