Office of Inspection
DEC 11 1995

MEMORANDUM TO: Associate Director (Enforcement)

INFO: Chief Counsel

FROM: Assistant Director (Inspection)

SUBJECT: Inaccuracies in National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR)

This office has concluded an inquiry into certain statements made by the Chief, National Firearms Act Branch, at a recent Headquarters rollcall training session. Attached hereto is a memorandum detailing the results of our inquiry. As you will note, our inquiry was limited to a single issue. The other statements made during the session are being reviewed by Chief Counsel.

It is the opinion of this office that the entire NFRTR database is in need of thorough review and correction to ensure its accuracy. I understand that the NFA Branch is in the process of acquiring a new database with features such as Soundex which could enhance the accuracy of searches and certifications. I have also been informed that the Special Agent in Charge, Firearms Tracing Branch, has offered the assistance of his staff in examining NFRTR records and in correcting any inaccuracies which may exist in the more than 726,000 registration records on file.

This is forwarded to you for whatever action you may deem appropriate.

Richard J. Hankinson


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