Affidavit of Thomas B. Busey

[Transcribed from hand-written ATF Form 5000 1]

I am the Chief of the NFA Branch. I have been with ATF 26+ years. Mr. Terry Oates is my immediate supervisor. In October 1995 I delivered a roll call training session on the NFA Branch duties and responsibilities. At one point early in the presentation I made a statement to the fact that we in the NFA Branch testify that the NFRTR database is 100% accurate and it isn't. This was a mis-statement of the facts on my part. What I meant was that the database does contain errors that are contributable [sic] to human causes (misspelled names, inverted serial numbers), but what we do testify to is the accuracy of the search we perform and the results gained from that search. Neither I nor my staff have ever perjured themselves regarding the accuracy. If I was asked on the stand to testify [illegible; as?] to the accuracy and reliability of the database, I would testify that it does contain errors as mentioned above and would further explain how we perform a search and issue an accurate and reliable certification.

[Signed, witnessed, and executed on 11/30/95]

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