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July 1, 1996

James H. Jeffries, III
Attorney at Law
3019 Lake Forest Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409

Re: US v. Steve Onel McKinney, (No. 1:94CR23)

Dear Mr. Jeffries:

As you may recall, the indictment (or other charging document) in the above-captioned matter contained one or more charges under 26 U.S.C. § 5861, relating to the registration of firearms. The Department of Justice has learned of material that may be relevant to that case.

In particular, enclosed is a transcript of remarks made by Tom Busey, the then Chief of the National Firearms Act Branch of the ATF, during an October 18, 1995, training session for ATF inspectors and other investigative employees. During those remarks, Mr. Busey made statements about the accuracy of the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record ("NFRTR") and of ATF witness testimony concerning the NFRTR. In addition, we have enclosed other documents that relate to Mr. Busey's statements.

By providing these materials, the Government does not concede that either the statements made by Mr. Busey or the other materials are favorable to the defendant or material to the defendant's case. Rather, we are doing so in order to avoid any suggestion tha-t the Department has not provided all relevant materials in this case.

Please contact me if you believe that we need to discuss this issue further.

Very truly yours,

United States Attorney

Assistant United States Attorney
Criminal Chief


cc: AUSA Thomas R. Ascik

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