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Ryan Horsley is the proprietor of Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, Idaho. Several years ago, Ryan assumed direction of the family owned company that has been in operation for over 70 years.

The BATFE is trying to shut Red's down. They have piled on one inspection after another of the company's records. At one point an agent, an area supervisor, made it clear that she was going to "get" Red's.

What is the matter with Red's. Does it run guns to bad guys? Is it part of a criminal underground? After all, the BATFE boys have found many "willful" violations of federal law.

These violations typically are abbreviating the city of Twin Falls as T.F. What would we do without such astute BATFE inspectors who catch such sneaky efforts to evade the law! Seriously, such a stupid objection is not even written in any BATFE regulations -- because they have no written procedures for dealers to follow.

Written procedures would make it much harder to play "gotcha." BATFE would have to behave like a real law enforcement agency and look for real bad guys.

When the names of BATFE agents and a vague description of their rented auto appeared on the web site for Red's Trading Post, the agency complained to the judge that is deciding whether to let BATFE pull Red's firearms license. Their complaint? Putting their pictures on the web site was harassment and risked endangering agents involved in criminal cases. That of course was one of the agency's many lies, because inspectors are not badge-carrying sworn agents. They are just paper pushers who try to push dealers out of business.

What is happening to Red's is typical of what is being done to dealers around the country. Red's is fighting back in court, but that takes money.

Your generous support of Red's Trading Post through the Gun Owners Foundation is tax-deductible. Please be as generous as you can. This is not just a fight to save Red's. This is a fight to keep BATFE from eliminating ALL gun stores with their chicken system of "gotcha" violations.

GOF Horsley Defense Fund

GOF has already provided certain assistance to help in the Horsley defense. In order to better assist with the defense of important firearms rights in this case, GOF has established a separate legal defense fund. To contribute to this fund, please click here to donate online.

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