Toxicology Of Lead At Shooting Ranges

Second Amendment Threatened By Supreme Court Use Of Foreign Law

This GOF paper critically analyzes two recent Supreme Court cases (Roper v. Simmons and Lawrence v. Texas) in which the Court has relied on international law to sustain constitutional challenges. In Roper, the Court overturned a Missouri law permitting capital punishment for 16 and 17 year olds, and in Lawrence, the Court overturned a Texas law prohibiting certain homosexual acts primarily because of foreign authorities. Additionally, the paper reviews the pros and cons of relying on such foreign sources in other areas. Recently, the United Nations has been pursuing a goal of eliminating all private ownership of firearms world-wide. If the Court continues to base its constitutional decisions on foreign law, the American people may find their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms seriously undermined because of trends in countries which have had historic hostility to private firearms ownership and because of the U.N.'s penchant to restrict firearms possession and use to government officials.

Landmark Emerson Case (2nd Amdmt is an individual right)

Appeals from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas

BATF Firearm Civil Forfeiture Procedures and Policies: An Attorney's Guide

By seizing a gun dealer's inventory, and subjecting those seized firearms to forfeiture, BATF has, in many cases, put gun dealers out of business, and in many others put those businesses in jeopardy of having to close their doors. Outraged by these tactics, GOF decided to do something about it. On July 4, 2007, in response to this practice and other BATF seizures of firearms, Gun Owners Foundation published BATF Firearm Civil Forfeiture Procedures and Policies: An Attorney's Guide. The guide is intended to provide a procedural overview for attorneys unfamiliar with civil forfeiture law as it applies to firearms, including what to expect from the BATF, and how to go about recovering seized assets. The Guide primarily contains practical insight into the sometimes arcane, and oftentimes complex and confusing, system which favors the BATF's persistent effort selectively to disrupt, and thereby, destroy law abiding firearms and ammunition dealers.