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This Giving Tuesday, please consider giving a gift to help Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) fight gun control in the courts.

For the first time in GOF history, your impact will be doubled, thanks to a generous fellow patriot!

GOF has been one of the nation’s most active and prominent defenders of our 2A-protected rights. For 39 years, our foundation’s top priority has been the defense of the Second Amendment against attack by governments at all levels, and it has been active in the defense of First and Fourth Amendment rights as well.

GOF has filed over 13 cases to restore your Second Amendment rights in 2022.

GOF has filed over 10 Amicus briefs in support of the Second Amendment in 2022.

GOF has submitted dozens of FOIA requests and helped uncover government overreach and attacks on the Second Amendment – including an illegal government registry and the FBI illegally getting people to sign away their Second Amendment rights.

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