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In June of 2007, BATFE agents (with a task force that even included Canadian law enforcement!) raided KT Ordnance. KTO manufactures a parts kit that buyers can legally use to make their own firearm (an AR-15 or a Model 1911).

Rick Celata, the proprietor of KTO, was questioned about subversive literature he owned, including the Citizens Rule Book which contains the US Constitution (and is widely distributed by Gun Owners Foundation).

BATFE agents confiscated all of KTO's inventor and business records. No charges have been placed. BATFE bureaucrats are resisting efforts to get the inventory returned.

BATFE has no written procedures for determining what is a gun. This is one of the central issues brought before the court by the defense.

BATFE's lawless campaign against KTO has run up large legal bills for a company that has suffered a huge loss in its ability to produce income. Gun Owners Foundation has a legal defense fund which can receive tax-deductible donations to enable GOF to defray KTO's legal expenses.

GOF Celata Defense Fund

GOF has already provided certain assistance to help in the Celata defense. In order to better assist with the defense of important firearms rights in this case, GOF has established a separate legal defense fund. To contribute to this fund, please click here to donate online.

Or, you can contribute by mail. Write the check to "Gun Owners Foundation," and then on the memo line, write "GOF Celata Defense Fund," and address the envelope to:

Gun Owners Foundation
8001 Forbes Place
Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151

All contributors will get an e-mailed receipt, followed by a printed thank you note and documentation of the **tax deductible** status of their contribution from Gun Owners Foundation.

Thank you!

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Note as to use of contributions requested to be given to separate legal defense fund. GOF is an IRC section 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions to GOF are tax-deductible. Contributions may be made by individuals, corporations or nonprofit organizations. In order to ensure that moneys are used consistent with GOF purposes, and to ensure contributions are tax-deductible, GOF must retain discretion as to how to use the funds and donors may not direct GOF as to how to use the funds. Lastly, if all funds given to this defense fund are not needed for this case, donors understand that funds may be used to assist in other cases or matters consistent with GOF’s purposes.

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