Gun Owners of America (GOA) is one of several plaintiffs who have filed suit in Massachusetts to challenge the state’s closure of gun stores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite federal guidance designating the firearms industry as essential, the Bay State’s Attorney General Maura Healey forced Governor Charles Baker to mandate the closure the closure of gun stores and ranges within the state. Ironically, AG Healey (while praising abortion workers) has called for the pandemic to not be politicized — even though she has, in fact, politicized the crisis by deeming gun stores as nonessential.

“Governor Baker and AG Healey must do an about-face and uphold their oaths of office by respecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” Erich Pratt, Vice President of GOF and Senior Vice President of GOA, said. “Many jurisdictions — even anti-gun states like New Jersey — have reopened gun stores and are now following the federal guidance. It’s time that Massachusetts follows this guidance as well.”

The complaint can be viewed here and here.